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Sacred Encounters: 5-Week Leadership Course

Sacred Encounters: 5-Week Leadership Course

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"Connect. Evolve. Transform."

This course is for all who feel called to the healing powers of cacao and desire to share it to friends, family, clients... The world!

Calling in the Worldwide Cacao Medicine Tribe.

Whether you want transformation, connection or a deepened sense of knowing yourself or others...

 ...explore the wisdom of Cacao with the Cacao King. He will be sharing knowledge and information from working with the Ngäbe indigenous cacao community.  

 It's time that you give yourself want you are truly longing for! 

A sense of community, deeper connection with cacao, profound feeling of self, and an understanding of others. 

 Don't waste another moment wishing what could be...


This isn't just an online gathering.. it's a TRANSFORMATION PROCESS. 

WHY "Sacred Encounters"???

Our intention is to bring together the Worldwide Cacao Medicine Tribe. Who is apart of this tribe? Anyone and everyone who feels the call to the healing powers of this medicine. 

My Story:

Hi, my name is Andrew Steven Anunciation. I've been working with chocolate since my first job. That's right! I use to go door-to-door selling chocolate in my hometown: Huntington Beach, California to raise money. Little did I know it would call me again while living on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. I was so inspired by the spirit of Aloha and sharing on the island, I wanted to bring something to share to the community. I had a thought about sharing cacao to my friends; it would be as if I was giving them free gold (as the Aztecs would use cacao as currency). I began sharing cacao to my friends and I noticed how it raised the vibe... not one notch, but ten! Afterwards, I set on a mission to travel the world, work with cacao farmers and share this medicine to the world! Thus, Cacao King was born. 

Cacao King is a leading supplier of ceremonial cacao to the world. United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Thailand.. you name it! Our mission is to continue to share gratitude through cacao. Before you take a drink... "What are you grateful for today?"

This medicine has changed my life for the good... for not only the health properties but the connections!

"Sacred Encounters" is for who???

This 5-Week Cacao Journey is for anyone and everyone who feels called to deepen their relationship with cacao, with themselves, with the Divine and with others in a beautiful community! 


Program Includes:

(2) 1lb. Ceremonial Cacao

5 Live Group Gatherings (90 mins)

How to make your own cup of ceremonial cacao- Video

How to have your own personal gratitude cacao ceremony- Video

PDF- Cacao Info

Online Community Network


Program start date: May 29th, 2021 
End date: June 26th, 2021

This program is a pre-requisite for:
Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training

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