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Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

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Origin: Ecuadorian 

Variety: Arriba Nacional Beans

Shelled and crushed cacao beans. An excellent source of antioxidants, with a pleasant semi-bitter flavor. Cacao nibs are often used by chocolatiers as the base ingredient for chocolate. Cacao nibs are also a popular ingredient with beer brewers and wineries.

These nibs are raw, and dried with warm - not hot - air. They can be further roasted to acquire different roasting strengths for different flavor profiles and to make chocolate. They have a very strong delicious chocolate aroma, characteristic of the pure Arriba bean from Ecuador. 

Ingredients: 100% Cacao Beans (crushed and shelled)

  • Use as nut or chocolate chip substitute as a flavor kick
  • Put on cereals and in yogurts
  • Make your own trail mix
  • Add to smoothies or put on top
  • Bean-to-Bar chocolate making
  • Beer Brewing
  • Teas

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Back in 2017, Andrew Anunciation (founder Cacao King) was so inspired by the spirit of "Aloha" and sharing in the community of Hawaii that he wanted to offer something to share. He began sharing cacao with his friends- he noticed it raised the vibe, not one notch but ten! Cacao has been used as medicine for thousands of years by the Aztecs.

After, he set out on a mission to share cacao to the world! He has traveled to festivals, multiple countries and has worked with the indigenous of Central America. Traveling there since 2018. Working in the cacao plantation, helping on the farm, planting trees, harvesting cacao and learning their indigenous language. 

Andrew has had the honor of being adopted by one of the families and given an indigenous name: Ichi (an ancestral name) Rugabu ("one who works on the mountain"). He has gained their confidence to share this wisdom, information and knowledge to those who are called.

It is his human responsibility to give back to these indigenous who have showed him & taught him about cacao. From working in their plantations, bringing them solar powered lights & financial support for their farm(s). Thank you for your continual support to allow this responsibility to be shared amongst us in your purchase of this cacao.

The biggest treasure from cacao: connection.

If you are new to cacao... we invite you to let cacao into your life and see the wonders & miracles it brings along with it!

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