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Andrew Anunciation, the visionary behind Cacao King, was ignited by the essence of "Aloha" and the spirit of community in Hawaii. Driven by a profound desire to share, Andrew's journey is a kaleidoscope of roles: certified personal trainer, nutritionist, Masculine Embodiment Coach, yoga teacher, breathwork guide, life coach, and Reiki master—a mosaic of expertise spanning over a decade in energy healing.

His odyssey with cacao began organically, among friends, where he witnessed its transformative power elevate spirits by not one notch, but ten. Drawing from its ancient lineage as medicine, Andrew embarked on a global quest to propagate the essence of cacao. From festivals spanning continents to immersion in Central America's indigenous cultures since 2018, his mission has been a tapestry of connection and reciprocity.

Embraced by an indigenous family, Andrew was bestowed with the name "Ichi Rugabu," signifying his relationship to their connection. He has reciprocated their generosity through sustainable initiatives, including solar-powered lights and financial support for their farms.

For Andrew, cacao is more than a commodity—it's a conduit for profound connection. Through Cacao King, he extends an invitation to newcomers, beckoning them to explore the wonders and miracles that cacao bestows upon the soul.

With each purchase, you become a part of a greater narrative—a story of preservation, gratitude, and shared abundance. May the blessings of cacao nourish your spirit and support you on your journey to a vibrant, healthy life.


Andrew Founder, Cacao King