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How to Implement Cacao in Your Yoga Practice

As many of our spiritual practices change throughout our lives, it’s important to find new ways to support ourselves during our healing journeys. Whether you’re a lifelong yogi or cacao drinker, using these two together makes for an ecstatic experience. 

Since cacao is renowned for its heart-healing effects, it can be a powerful aid during your yoga practice. Cacao naturally increases circulation around the heart area, helping your energetic heart open and feel the love that naturally flows within you. When you practice yoga and move your body in this state, your senses are heightened, you can connect more deeply with your heartspace and feel much more grounded throughout your flow. Giving you a boost of natural energy, cacao can be the perfect partner for your time on your mat.

Start by brewing your cacao with your intention - think of what feels right and what you want to bring into your practice. As you heat the water, measure the cacao and stir, feel into your heart space, experiencing gratitude for all that life has to offer. If you need help with dosing and how to brew your cup, check out The Basics of Cacao

Create a safe space where you feel held and comfortable; maybe lighting candles or using essential oils. You may want to play your favorite music that helps you feel centered and connected as you allow the medicine to work its beauty.

Once you start to feel your heart open and your body wants to move, begin your practice by coming to a mountain pose - just standing at the top of your mat with your hands at your heart. Take a few deep breaths, feeling your heart open and grounding down through your feet. Feel where the cacao is working in your body and allow it to move you while staying aligned with your breath.

Since cacao is medicine from Mother Earth herself, it helps ground the physical and mental bodies which allows you to be more present in your practice. With your senses heightened, you can flow with greater ease as you listen more deeply to your heart and body. Combining cacao and yoga helps to bring your spiritual, mental and physical experience into one unified, healed place. 

With your body buzzing with cacao’s healing properties, your practice can take you deeper within while your open heart holds space for any emotions that are ready to be released. As the saying goes, “Motion releases emotion” and this is particularly true when you implement ceremonial cacao into your yoga practice. Integrating your emotions into your physical experience in a safe, compassionate way is an extremely healing practice that can aid in shadow work, emotional expression, creativity and more. 

Cacao can make your yoga flow an extremely heart-opening, joyous experience. Many people love to drink cacao before they do yoga as they find it makes them feel excited about life. Next time you’re looking to connect with your highest self, try drinking cacao before your yoga flow.