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How to Implement Cacao Into Your Journaling Practice

An excellent complement to your self-care practices, cacao can enhance your experience through a profound sense of gratitude and joy. When it comes to writing down your thoughts, prayers and manifestations, cacao can be an extremely powerful way to create a safe space for yourself to express. 

Since cacao is pure medicine from our Creator, when you drink the sacred medicine, you’re inviting her energy into your body as you interact with the cacao. This deeply healing, mothering vibration soothes your nervous system while stimulating the blood flow throughout the body. Opening the physical and energetic heart, cacao helps you tap into any unprocessed anger, grief, sadness or fear to effectively hold space for your shadow sides. 

A powerfully grounding medicine, cacao works with the root chakra to aid in feelings of safety and support as you begin your journaling practice. The medicine brings you back into your body so that you can freely write without self-judgment, moving through any discomfort that arises while feeling supported. With a wide-open heart, the true beauty of your emotions and unique light can shine through. 

In order to fully express ourselves, we often need a sense of protected support. Cacao offers just that by helping you connect with your highest self, your guides and any other high-vibe entities you want guidance from. Spurring creativity and opening you to a deep love of self, your cacao practice can amplify your self-care practices across the board - including your time spent journaling. 

The next time you need a creative boost or a warm presence to comfort you as you spend time with your emotions, brew a cup of cacao as your partner. Start by making your brew and spend a few moments connecting with the plant’s medicine. Take a few deep breaths, fully integrating your energy with the aroma and presence of cacao. Think of your intention and hold it in your heart as you feel grounded and protected throughout your practice. 

Once you’ve sipped your brew and feel the grounding effects, pick up your pen and let whatever wants to flow through you do so with grace and acceptance. Maybe start with a gratitude list to open your heart even further and say thank you for the healing taking place in your body. From here, your creativity can soar with the steady, grounded love that the medicine provides. 

Journal Prompt Ideas to Write About While Drinking Cacao:

How can I fully allow myself to feel the goodness of my life? Where am I moving too fast to feel the beauty all around me? 

Where can I ground myself more deeply? How can I hold onto less to be guided more? 

Where does my heart want to serve? Who can I help with my unique experience and skills in a way that makes me truly happy? Even if you don’t have a clear answer, write out a few areas of interest where you could help someone else and think about if you would find that fun and fulfilling. 

The ultimate self-care tool, cacao can bring the mothering, protective presence many wish for throughout their spiritual journey.


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