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The Basics of Cacao

When we sip a cup of ceremonial cacao, we invite the healing power of The Creator into our bodies. So much more than a drink, cacao is medicine straight from the Earth herself. Flowing into our heart space, this sacred plant heals on the deepest level and helps us expand into our highest selves - all while having fun and feeling grateful to be alive. 

This reason is exactly why Cacao King was born. After seeing just how happy and grateful this medicine made him and his friends, founder Andrew Anunciation knew it was time to share more cacao with the world. 

Cacao opens and heals the heart, often creating a sense of euphoria and sincere gratitude that connects you to your inner wisdom. Helping you ground back down to the Earth, this sacred medicine brings the divine feminine energy into your experience. Drinking cacao makes you feel held, supported and unconditionally loved because that’s exactly what the planet wants to do for us. From this grounded, loving place, your heart can fully open.

Rather than worrying about tomorrow or yesterday, cacao helps you come back to the most important part of life - the present moment. In this place of true presence, our heart’s deepest gratitude can emerge. One of the healthiest human emotions on Earth, gratitude elevates your consciousness to new heights. Once you feel yourself overflowing with joy and appreciation, this energy naturally flows to the people around you - elevating us all.  

The spirit of cacao allows your gratitude to take center stage in your life and helps you to connect with others on this journey. The center of sacred ceremonies for thousands of years, cacao is meant to help us open our hearts and be surrounded by our friends and family to heal together. This medicine aids much more than our spiritual bodies as well; the physical benefits include reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure, improved digestion and so much more. 

When you drink cacao, your mind, body and soul receive the nourishment they need to open to all that life has to offer - all while connecting with the ancient wisdom within. 

How to Use

Working with cacao can be as simple as mixing it with hot water and setting an intention or it can be as elaborate as a singing, dancing ceremony within your community. The beauty of cacao is that it can support you wherever you’re at on your journey. 

If you want to brew a cup for yourself, heat a half cup of water in a stainless steel or copper pot. Heat the water to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, just below boiling; note that it’s important not to use boiling water to keep the healing properties of the cacao intact. You can add organic herbs or spices like cinnamon, cayenne or even edible essential oils to the water as it heats up. Stir in a clockwise direction and bless the water as you warm it on the stove. 

Meanwhile, place about 30 grams of cacao into a clay or natural cup - no plastic! Keep in mind that some people may be sensitive to cacao or plant medicine in general, so start with 30 grams and add a little more after you know how it affects you. 

Once the water is heated to 170 degrees, pour it over the cacao and stir in a clockwise direction with a wooden or natural spoon as they melt together. Infuse your intention into the cacao as you do this, you may want to sing or pray out loud. Just connect with the plant as you create your brew. 

Cacao is a pure form of indigenous medicine that Earth provides us and, as such, it has a bitter taste. So, it may take some time to get used to it. If you need to sweeten, you can add a natural sweetener like dates, honey or coconut nectar. 

From here, spend time with the cacao, smelling the aroma and just being grateful for life, with all of its blessings and challenges. As you sip, feel the warm liquid rinse over your heart space and spend some time connecting with your true Self. 

Stay tuned for more tips and information about the healing abilities of cacao! 

We’re so grateful to be a part of your cacao ritual and can’t wait to support you as you open your heart and let gratitude & love illuminate your path.