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How Cacao Can Help You Have a Better Day at Work

Many think of drinking cacao as a practice strictly reserved for spiritual ceremonies. But, you can make this drink a part of your daily routine with its countless benefits. Besides allowing you to connect deeper within and feel deep gratitude for your life, cacao’s added perks help make for a great workday as well. 

One of the most antioxidant-rich foods on Earth, cacao is also known as a natural energy booster. Much more gentle on the nervous system than coffee or tea, cacao contains theobromine, a powerful compound that mimics caffeine in its uplifting properties, but without the nerve-damaging side effects. 

Before working at your computer or office, sit down to drink a cup of cacao while quieting your mind. Once you start working, you’ll feel the energizing effects of the theobromine from your brew. While the boost of energy may likely be milder than the rush you get from coffee, it will be longer-lasting - meaning that your energy levels are sustained for longer periods of time with no caffeine withdrawals or crash. Moisturizing your nerve endings to provide a steady increase in energy over time, cacao helps to keep you alert without damaging your adrenals and stress stores. 

Studies also show that cacao can improve brain function to help you move through your day more effectively and with ease. Healthline reports that “One study of healthy volunteers showed that eating high-flavanol cocoa for five days improved blood flow to the brain.” With cacao’s high level of natural antioxidants and flavonoids, it’s no surprise that it enhances circulation, and thus, cognitive function. 

When you’re working at your desk with this pure medicine pulsing through your system, it not only improves your cognitive function, but it also helps you enjoy your work. The mood-boosting benefits of cacao are well documented - and we can attest to this! Cacao increases blood flow throughout the body, opening the heart center and allowing your true essence to shine through. The part of the body that holds feelings like gratitude, elation, excitement and love, the open heart space helps you tap into one of the most important parts of work - joy.

While you may not associate all of your computer work with joy, cacao helps make even the mundane tasks more enjoyable. Combined with the antioxidants and healing properties of cacao, theobromine also contributes to a mood boost along with a greater ability to relax. Essentially, you’ll experience more of a creative flow while feeling less likely to sweat the small stuff. 

Increasing your ability to focus, opening your heart and boosting your energy, cacao sounds like your new favorite coworker. Perhaps the best benefit of using this medicine while you work, cacao protects your nervous system from the often harmful effects of caffeine. Packed with magnesium, cacao soothes the system to a powerful point of relaxation while still helping you feel more alert. 

Even if your new morning routine doesn’t include a long meditation and ceremony, cacao can help to nourish your system and invite a feeling of excited alertness throughout your day. Combined with benefits like lowered blood pressure, reduced inflammation and increased cardiovascular health, it’s no wonder why so many people drink cacao before their day begins. Try it for yourself and notice the difference!

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