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How to Use Crystals with Your Cacao Practice

The sacred medicine of cacao helps us ground into our human experience, allowing us to feel safe while we open to our emotions. An excellent complement to your spiritual practices, drinking cacao can also help you connect more deeply with sacred objects like crystals. 

When you’re ungrounded, you may feel scattered, anxious or struggle to focus. These issues generally correlate with the root chakra which holds our sense of safety, security and connection. Mother Earth’s medicine connects us more deeply with her unique energy that grounds and protects when we drink cacao. Literally inviting her energy into our bodies to counteract the fast-paced, frenzied state of modern life, cacao offers one of the most effective ways to ground your energy. When you work with specific crystals, they amplify these benefits even further and you can customize your experience to what you need. 

For instance, if you’re looking to heal your root chakra and feel more safe, you can add grounding crystals to enhance cacao’s benefits. Crystals such as lava stone, hematite and shungite can aid in this grounding practice. Simply brew your cup, holding your intention close and honor the element you wish to connect with. In this case, express your gratitude for the Earth, all that the planet gives to you and how it supports your very existence. Then, as you drink, hold whichever grounding crystal feels right to you. Using your left hand, gently connect with the unique energy of whichever stone you’re using and allow its frequency to combine its healing abilities with the cacao. 

If you’re looking to open your heart even further during your cacao practice, you can use a soft stone like rose quartz to help open you to a greater sense of love and peace. You can even add a soft healing tone as an accompaniment. If you’re looking for a different stone for this chakra, you may want to try malachite to heal your heart and deeply transform whatever you’re experiencing into a high-vibrational state. 

A favorite of spiritual practitioners and healers around the world, selenite also offers a powerful antidote to overwhelm and stress. Gently cleansing and protecting, this stone can help draw out anything that no longer serves you. Particularly when you’re working with cacao and moving through your emotions, it’s helpful to have a stone that supports this process and helps eliminate any lingering feelings of tension, anger or resentment. Simply drink your cacao with a selenite wand or sphere close to your feet or in your hands to help with this process. 

No matter what properties you’re looking to bring into your cacao practice, crystals can help you transform on a physical and mental level. With specific frequencies that correlate with your desires, each crystal can enhance the natural healing abilities of cacao. Next time you sit down to connect with Earth’s medicine, bring a few crystals with you and watch what happens. 

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