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Awakened Creator Retreat: May 16-19 - Cacao King

Awakened Creator Retreat: May 16-19

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Awakened Creator Retreat: Heart Centered Leadership - Koh Phangan, Thailand

May 16th-19th, 2024

(For Holistic Impact in Your Business & Life)

Retreat Details


Who: Heart Conscious Entrepreneur / Creator Ready to Amplify Internal Alignment and a Powerful Personal Brand

What: Awakened Creator Retreat: Heart Centered Leadership - Koh Phangan

Where: Koh Phangan, Thailand

When: May 16-19th, 2024

Why: To Gain Massive Clarity, Self Love, Brand Awareness, and Decisive Action Steps to Level Up in Your Business and Conscious Alignment with Yourself and Your Vision 


Event Outline


Pre-Retreat Day: Wednesday May 15th - Arrival

Day 1: Thursday May 16th - Beach Abundance Yoga, Opening Cacao Ceremony, Authentic Embodiment


  • Coming together as a community in Koh Phangan, start letting go of the past, setting intentions and embracing the power of the present moment through an opening ceremony, sauna session, and transformative vision quest to end the evening.


  • Get tuned in to your authentic truth and desires, dive deep into your intentions, values and vision for the future, gain clarity of self and end the day with a sauna and sound bath.


Day 2: Friday May 17th - Overcoming the Mind - Aligning Your Purpose & Energy with Prosperity


  • It’s time to tune into our intuition, discover our mission statement while fostering clear energetic blocks for feeling freedom and abundance


  • We’ll be releasing the ego mind to align the heart and vision with your most abundant purpose so that you can become a heart centered leader in today’s society


Day 3: Saturday May 18th - Ethically Build Your Dream Personal Brand & Unique Positioning 


  • Start to attract your dream clients and network in abundance while discovering & amplifying your talents and gifts to your community
  • Learn to create systems, structure and processes as a foundation for your brand while creating powerful clarity around your Unique Selling Point, Offer and Positioning 


  • Push yourself physically and mentally through hiking, beach workouts, meditation, breathwork, and more. 

Day 4: Sunday May 19th - Brand Blueprint Integration - Reflection - Flow 


  • Become decisive in your words and actions, while creating space for massive impact in the world to manifest in your life in the coming months


  • Let Andreas and Dave guide you 1x1 to create a blueprint of success, expansion, and evolution in your life over the next 12 months. 


  • Putting it all together with real tangible action steps moving forward. 


Book A Call with Dave or Andreas to Apply

Dave Gold:

Andreas Stefanos:

Meet Andreas Stefanos | Andreas Stefanos exemplifies tireless commitment and personal growth, thriving as an Embodiment Coach who champions holistic human development. He uplifts others in their journey towards deeper masculine, health, and wellness alignment through a transformative self-discovery path. By integrating holistic health, fitness, energy healing, and breathwork, Andreas represents a beacon of balance, strength, and vitality. 


Motivated by "Aloha," Andreas launched Cacao King to spread the communal and energizing spirit of cacao, rooted in Hawaiian culture. In 2018, Andreas's exploration in Central America deepened his bond with cacao’s origins, earning him the local respect and name "Ichi Rugabu." Through Cacao King, he not only supports local farmers but also bridges ancient traditions with contemporary wellness, impacting lives worldwide. 


Overcoming emotional disconnection, Andreas embarked on a holistic wellness journey, unifying mind, body, and spirit for foundational health. His odyssey into self-education and spiritual awakening underpins his teachings, marked by becoming a Reiki Master to channel life energy for healing. Andreas's proficiency in breathwork manifests his commitment to leveraging breathing as a tool for potential unlocking, stress management, and internal healing. 


His innovative melding of fitness and mindfulness underscores a dedication to fostering a synergy between physical health and mental presence.

Meet Dave Gold | A Personal Branding Consultant for Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs and Professionals, Dave is a dynamic leader in the field of personal brand development.

With a dynamic leadership style and a wealth of experience in energy, subconscious reprogramming, and psychology, Dave has helped countless entrepreneurs and professionals find alignment and clarity in their values, vision, mission, purpose and self love in life. His mission is to support high integrity entrepreneurs on a path to clarity of self, true self-worth, and massive, courageous action.


As an experienced digital nomad and world traveler, Dave brings a unique perspective to the world of personal brand development. Having lived in over 28 countries, he understands the power of authenticity and staying true to your most abundant self.


His journey into personal development started over 13 years ago when he went deep on a path of discovery around dating, social dynamics, relationships, psychology, communication, and spirituality helping men and women all over the world with their love lives before becoming a brand consultant for his top peers. 


Dave believes most conscious creators are living too much inside their heads and are not fully in touch with their heart or intuition leading to lives of frustration and confusion….


If you want to level up in your authentic self expression while staying true to your most abundant self, Dave is someone you can count on to provide you the insight and knowledge around business growth while consistently providing honest feedback from the heart.


Awaken Your Inner Authority: A Transformational Retreat Experience for Conscious Creators


Immerse yourself in a transformative retreat experience designed specifically for heart centered leaders, where you'll discover the power of personal growth and self-discovery. 


Our retreat is a rare opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, explore your true self, and embrace your full potential.


From the moment you arrive, you'll feel a sense of community and support as you embark on a journey of self-exploration.

Our carefully crafted program includes a variety of workshops, practices, and activities designed to help you tap into your deepest sources of creativity, expand your mind, and gain aligned clarity of self.


Throughout the week, you'll be guided by experienced coaches who are passionate about helping you achieve greatness in your personal and professional lives.

From meditation and visualization practices to awakened creator exercises, you'll cultivate a deeper sense of awareness, inner peace, and clear energy.


Our retreat is also an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

You'll step into the magical forest and awaken your most creative self, while expanding your internal self-love with the support of the community  and connecting to the natural world.


As the week comes to a close, you'll emerge from this transformational retreat experience with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and confidence.

You'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to create real change in your life, business and the world around you.


So why wait?

Join us for a weekend of personal brand expansion, aligned growth, and inner transformation. 


****Retreat Guarantee: 


We, Andreas and Dave, guarantee that if you attend this Creator Retreat, show up to all the events, and participate with an open heart you will not walk out of the retreat the same way you entered.

A new level of awareness, acceptance, surrender and devotion for your purpose will be formed and you will be more in alignment with your path of least resistance in life. ****


Join us in Koh Phangan:

Local / Early Bird Admission: $555 USD - 20,500 TBH (Cash or Bank Transfer Possible


VIP: $1,111 USD - 41,000 TBH (Cash or Bank Transfer Possible)



(3) 1x1 Empowerment Sessions

(Zoom or Live) with Andreas Stefanos


(3) 1x1 Business Coaching Sessions

(Zoom or Live) with Dave Gold 


1 Cacao Oil

Edited Branding Photos

1x1 Text Support for 10 Days following Retreat