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4-Day In-Person Cacao King Ceremonialist Training - Cacao King
4-Day In-Person Cacao King Ceremonialist Training - Cacao King

4-Day In-Person Cacao King Ceremonialist Training

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4-Day Intensive Cacao King Ceremonialist Training

📍 Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand 


Are you looking to deepen your connection with yourself and others? Do you want to explore the rich tradition of cacao ceremonies in a safe and supportive environment? If so, the Cacao King Ceremonialist Training is exactly what you're looking for!

With over a decade of experience in cacao ceremonies and spiritual practices, I have developed a course that is both informative and transformative. You will learn the key aspects of the Cacao King Ceremonialist Training, from the benefits of cacao to how to properly facilitate safe & loving space to allow healing & transformation!

The Benefits of Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years in Central and South America, as a way of connecting with the spiritual realm and one's inner self. Cacao is known to have a powerful effect on the mind and body, opening the heart and allowing us to tap into our intuition and inner wisdom.

I have years of experience working first hand with the Ngobe indigenous people, which is one of the seven indigenous tribes of Panama.

In particular, cacao has been shown to have the following benefits:

- Increased focus and concentration
- Improved mood and feelings of well-being
- Reduced anxiety and stress
- Heightened creativity and inspiration
- Deepened connection with others
- Enhanced spiritual connection and awareness

If you're looking to experience any of these benefits, a cacao ceremony is a powerful tool to add to your spiritual toolbox.

What to Expect in the Cacao King Ceremonialist Training

This training is designed to take you through the steps of hosting your own cacao ceremony, whether you want to do it for yourself or with a group. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Module 1: Understanding Trauma

In this module, we'll explore the different types of trauma and neuroscience, and why it's important to know when facilitating group gatherings and one-on-one healing work. We'll go over the difference between traumatic events and trauma, increasing your awareness of trauma and giving you tools to be prepared.

Module 2: Working With Emotions

In this module, we'll cover everything you need to know about unmasking top emotions to prepare yourself and other's healing journey. We'll go over the different aspects of each emotion that will equip you to be prepared if one of your participants need support while going through one of them.

Module 3: New/Full Moon Energies

In this module, we'll cover everything you need to know to engage cacao ceremonies according to the moon cycle, from creating a sacred space to setting intentions. We'll go over the different tools you may need, from smudging herbs to crystals, and how to use them effectively. We'll also teach you prayers and what to say confidently during a cacao ceremony.

Module 4: Cacao Information

In this module, we'll walk through what cacao is step by step. It's definitely more than drinking chocolate. You'll learn the history of cacao and how the Aztecs and Mayans used cacao, different types of cacao, making cacao drinks, cacao for ceremony and much more.

Module 5: Pillars of Facilitation

In this module, we'll explore what to do before the ceremony, during, and after. We'll also cover challenges that may arise, and how to handle them gracefully. You will have clear understanding and self confidence to facilitate with ease, grace, and love.



In this video, you will learn the staple ingredients to put inside and combine with your cup of cacao. With this recipe you will be able to replicate and expand the recipe to use for your one-on-one sessions and in groups.


In this video, you will learn the importance of gratitude and how to use it in a cacao ceremony. Gratitude is considered to be the healthiest human emotion, use this tool to expand the heart center and increase connection with ourselves and with others.

What Makes Cacao King Ceremonialist Training Unique?

There are many cacao ceremony trainings out there, but what makes Cacao King Ceremonialist Training stand out is the combination of depth and practicality. I have spent years studying cacao and other spiritual practices, and I bring that wealth of knowledge to my courses. At the same time, I understand that people come to cacao ceremonies for a variety of reasons, and my course is designed to be accessible and practical for everyone.

Another unique aspect of my course is the emphasis on ethics and sustainability. I believe that cacao ceremonies should be conducted in a way that honors the indigenous traditions and the earth, and I am committed to sourcing cacao ethically. When you take my course, you can feel confident that you are supporting a fair and just system.

Testimonials from Previous Cacao King Participants

Don't just take my word for it - here are some testimonials from previous participants:

"After finishing my training as a Cacao King Ceremonialist I want to give a review on this amazing journey. I feel honored that I had the chance to learn about cacao and the important factors for facilitation. What I liked about the training in specific is the broad range of topics that were included in the training. I gained more awareness about trauma which leads to the point that I feel even more comfortable to hold space now. I gained great clarity about the most important factors for ceremonies and am so excited to use that for the future. Especially those two factors give such confidence in creating a ceremony and holding the space. I did this course to gain wisdom and to learn about the major keys for ceremonies. I recommend this training for people who have a connection to cacao and want to deepen that and also who have a vision that inspires them to spread cacao. I am excited to give and inspire and create spaces of love and safety. Thank you Andrew"
- Merlin (GERMANY)

"Andrew is a wonderful space and ceremony holder. He has truly communed with Cacao and its essence of love and gratitude. Andrew brings a unique presence to all his ceremonies. Not only that, his cacao is freaking delicious. You truly feel his passion for sharing the fruits of his knowledge. I would highly recommend him as a practitioner and am grateful to encountered him and his ceremonies."
- Julian (USA)

"My friend Andrew has a special connection to the Cacao plant. He cares about the indigineous people farming for it, their culture and ways and the million ways that cacao can impact our lives positively.
When drinking cacao with Andrew, he never fails to point out its various benefits, but also keeps it sacred, worshipping the creator’s role and making sure we fill our cups not only with the medicine of cacao, but as well with medicine from our hearts. We drink with intention, with prayer and music. This way the ancient wisdom gets preserved and cacao serves us to the highest good of all beings. Aho"

If you're looking to connect with yourself and others in a powerful way, and explore the rich tradition of cacao ceremonies, Cacao King Ceremonialist Training is the perfect place to start. With a combination of theory and practice, you'll learn everything you need to know to host your own ceremonies, and experience the transformative power of cacao for yourself. Sign up today and start your journey!